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Ever had a bat invasion problem? Well yes, the probability of flying wildlife invading your property is common, especially in pieces of land that border the natural habitats of these wild animals in Orange County. This is when our Bat Removal Experts step in.

We have heard cases of rats or moles stealing and damaging our corn and little wild rabbits. However, bats are not animals you hear about every day yeah I said bats. Bats are animals that most people fail to categorize as either mammals or birds. They really freak out several people. There are a variety of species in the US. Even though they naturally roost on the tree, the Colonizing type has been known to invade buildings they are calm and not aggressive and will mostly stay in places like attics, sheds, and chimneys among others. They can be invasive in areas with a hot climate like in Central Florida; they are a common site. However, bats are useful as they can help in the elimination of pesky insects. They are not blind as most people will think, but they use echolocation as a means of navigation. However, as much as they are of great importance, they become a nuisance when they roost in large numbers. They make much noise, especially during the night when you would want to rest after a tiring day. They carry rabies, and their droppings (guano) provide suitable conditions for the breeding of a fungal disease called histoplasmosis that is transferable to human beings. See now you are worried, right?

However, the good thing is that in Orlando, Florida we at Sterling Wildlife offer the very best bat removal service, serving Orlando and surrounding Central Florida areas. Our services range from home, the commercial or industrial property so you do not have to worry where your property is because Sterling Wildlife will take care of your wildlife invasion problem anywhere. Here we understand that these wild birds may terrorize your property, but our team is equipped with well trained and experienced wildlife experts that will do whatever is in their power to rid your property of bats. Not only does our professional team remove bats but we also offer the services of removal of troublesome pests and critters. Under bat removal, we carry out some procedures that we are willing to share.

The proper way to get rid of bats is to exclude the colony. First bats need a place they would use as an entrance in the first place. They use as small as half an inch of space to get in. We, therefore, have to begin with the inspection of the entry points. Bats gravitate towards the dark they love quiet, dark places like the behind the shutters, attics, chimneys, unused open structures, soffits, siding, roof tiles, and shingles.

These entry places can be noticed by observing guano pellets (bat droppings) below or around an entry point. Note that the entry points to be sealed are the secondary where the primary entry points are located should be left open. It is because we do not want to force the bats into your living place because then they will be hard to control. This also ensures removal of all the bats from the site safely. After we have these places sealed, we go ahead and incorporate some material and equipment that our experts will use.

The material can be found online, but it can be costly, the good thing is that we at Sterling Wildlife are well and fully equipped to deal with your little bat problem. There are several different ways to evacuate them; this can be determined by the nature of the premises they have invaded. These methods are well known to our professionals, so you do not have to worry.  Our services are efficient, and Sterling Wildlife’s bat removal services will make sure that the colony will no longer be able to utilize home or business as a roosting area, and that no bats can get back inside by sealing all possible entrances of them. They will also advise you on ways you can keep bats away to avoid another infestation.

Handling bat removal humanely

We know you are asking this question of where we take the bats after or what we do to them. This can be a concern, especially for animal lovers and wildlife fans. Bat removal can indeed be very tricky and often challenging, and someone will tell you that it can be easy to poison the bats and eradicate them all in their colony. However, no this is not our way. At Sterling Wildlife we are a wildlife company, and all we want is a peaceful co-existence among human beings and the environment at large.

This means we would commit to ensuring that you get the best of your home, commercial, and industrial property. We would also ensure that we would not want to harm the bats, we are animal lovers, and we will aim to find a place where these animals will not be killed or harmed for trespassing. We will ensure they are taken to their natural habitat where they can freely live and exist without interference. We also aim at environmental conservation, and you will be able to notice that our equipment is environmentally friendly. At Sterling Wildlife, we understand that the animals depend on the natural environment as much as we do and it is unwise to save the animals and in the process having polluted or damaged their habitats. If we do this what is the use of all our efforts to protect the bats in the first place.

So come on, you can call us whenever and wherever in places that are in Metro Orlando. This is the main city we are currently offering services, but we do plan on expansion. I know you have heard that bat removal services can be very expensive, but we offer our services at client-friendly prices you can afford. We try to help you save as much as possible. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us at -Sterling Wildlife if you suspect you may have a bat problem or any other pesky rodent problem.

Once you decide to use the services of an Orlando bat removal professional like Sterling Wildlife, headquartered at 7170 Memory Lane, Orlando FL 32807, be sure to call and schedule an animal control estimate at (321) 972-8268. Read more about our workmanship guarantees and real reviews from past/current customers on their online profiles like Manta and Yelp.


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