Armadillo Removal in Orlando FL

Sterling Wildlife provides Armadillo removal services to residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Central Florida and surrounding areas.

Armadillo Removal in Orlando FL

Learn more about Armadillos:

The Armadillo is an unusual creature. It is very ancient, in a family similar to anteaters. For one thing, they have the unique advantage of wearing a suit of armor, made of bone-like material. They thrive in warm climates with soft soil. They dig for all of their food, which consists primarily of grubs and earthworms. They also dig large, deep burrows into the ground in which they live and raise young.

Armadillos always have identical quadruplets. They have an excellent sense of smell. When startled, they often jump straight up, and then run surprisingly fast. They are usually about two feet long and about 12 pounds as adults. They are primarily nocturnal, but sometimes emerge after a rain or in cool weather.

Are Armadillos Dangerous?

In a word, No. But they can dig up your yard badly for days on end.

Armadillo nuisance concerns:

Armadillo removal orlando

Armadillos are expert diggers. They can cause serious damage to a lawn or a nicely landscaped area. They often dig holes in undesirable places, such as underneath a concrete porch, the foundation of a house, or near gas/water lines. If they remove too much dirt from under a concrete foundation, the foundation faces the danger of cracking. Their burrows also attract other animals. If you see a large hole on your property with a lot of dirt thrown out, that’s the work of an armadillo. They need to be trapped.

Armadillo removal & how to get rid of them:

The only two ways to get rid of armadillos are via armadillo trapping and relocation, or via prevention techniques, such as exclusion fencing that goes deep into the ground. Physical exclusion of armadillos is labor intensive, because the animal’s usually just dig under or around whatever barriers you devise. But you can certainly build a fence around a porch, deck, or shed that goes into the ground at least 18 inches with a 90-degree outward bend at the bottom. Oftentimes, the easier method is simply trapping and removal. It’s all a matter of experience, because armadillos will not respond to bait. Trapping is all about location and type of trap setup.

Trapping is the ONE AND ONLY WAY to get rid of Armadillos.

If you have or suspect you may have an Armadillo problem please contact: Sterling Wildlife™ at Call 321-972-8268 to speak with an Armadillo removal services expert.

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