Learn How to Get Rid of Raccoons in Attic

We know removing pesky raccoons in your attic can be a bit frustrating

If you live in Orlando, Fl or the surrounding area, you are no stranger to raccoons. This largest member of the procyonid family is a native medium-sized mammal to North America. It is extremely smart, agile, and an omnivore, which makes it capable of surviving on basically anything and almost anywhere.

Raccoons’ native inhabitant are deciduous and mixed forests, yet through the years of urbanizations, they adapted to life in cities and suburban areas quite well. Despite their cute looks and non-aggressive nature, they can be quite a nuisance.

Raccoon Removal ServicesRaccoons as a Nuisance

Let us first easy your mind slightly by telling you that raccoons are not aggressive by nature. However, like any wildlife animal, they do whatever needed to survive, which often leads to them entering and inhabiting your yard and even your home.

This can be quite a problem as they normally trash up the place, urinate and defecate all over your attic or other areas of your home, where they decide to live or just search for food.

Aside from the physical damage they can cause in your home, there is a bigger problem; they can cause bio-hazardous contamination. They can bring fleas and other parasites, their droppings can contain roundworms, which are even transferrable to humans. Furthermore, they can spread canine distemper or other diseases transferrable to pets.

As such it is important to prevent raccoons from entering the interior of your home and remove them ASAP if that happens. Considering the fact that a grown-up raccoon can measure over 2 feet and weigh up to 55 pounds it is completely understandable that it can be quite stressful for an average person to deal with this wild animal.

That is why Sterling Wildlife offers professional raccoon removal services that work.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons in Attic?

Aside from the chimneys, the attics are raccoons’ favorite places to make their nests and even lay babies. The easiest and most effective way to get rid of them is to use trapping.

However, based on our experience, people who try to solve this problem on their own, often encounter complications and are not successful. Sometimes they do manage to catch grown-ups, but they overlook the baby raccoons, which then die and cause additional problems and complications.

As such more and more people decide to call raccoon removal professionals to solve the situation.

We are highly experienced and trained for this part, as such you are more than welcome to call us whenever in need of raccoon removal services. We perform raccoon removal Orlando and other neighboring areas and will be glad to help you solve this nuisance efficiently.

Once you decide to use the services of an Orlando raccoon removal services experts like Sterling Wildlife, headquartered at 7170 Memory Lane, Orlando FL 32807, be sure to call and schedule an animal control estimate at (321) 972-8268 . Read more about our workmanship guarantees and real reviews from past/current customers on their online profiles like Manta and Yelp.


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